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It's difficult to find a sport that can rival tennis for its speed and agility. When you want to keep up with the pace, finding the right women's tennis shoes makes a big difference. At TennisGear, we sell ladies' tennis shoes from a selection of world-famous brands. From Nike through to Adidas, we're here to help you find the right fit for your next match.

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The right women's tennis shoes will support the refined movements you need to use during each game. Whether you're running, lunging, or pivoting, you need a comfortable pair that'll heighten your skill levels.

Although you may be tempted to wear regular gym shoes for women, we want you to take your efforts a step further. From Nike tennis shoes through to ASICS, we select and sell major brands that the pros love. With our in-depth knowledge of the tennis game, we know what it takes to set yourself at an advantage.

When choosing your shoes, consider the type of surface you're playing on and the support you need for your feet. Although all-court shoes are available, consider investing in clay, hard court, or grass. No matter which pair you settle on, we're confident you'll love what we have to offer.

TennisGear uses US sizing for all of our shoe brands.

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At TennisGear, we can tell the difference between the gear that'll get you moving and the gear that'll slow you down. As experts in all things tennis, we only ever sell our customers high-end products that we believe will drive their success. With brands such as Wilson in stock, we hope to help you accelerate your game to better heights.

Whether you need advice on what to buy from our sales or you have questions about our policies, we're happy to help. Contact us for the best priced junior tennis shoes in Australia. Our tennis warehouse delivers the best range of shoes for tennis direct to your door.

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