Tennis Strings Sets

Quality Tennis String Sets For Improved Play

Tennis string sets are a convenient and cost-effective way for you to restring your racquet, providing you with a firm playing surface. Rather than buying an entire reel, string sets are pre-cut lengths of tennis string- ready to be woven into a single tennis racquet. The string set is an essential factor in a player's overall performance, affecting their shot's trajectory, spin, and power. At Tennis Gear, you can be sure to find a string set to match your requirements. Shop the best brand names, such as Tecnifibre and Babolat and more.

Tennis strings can be made from various materials, such as synthetic gut, natural gut, or polyester, each with unique properties and characteristics. The string’s tension affects the racquet’s playability and can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Sets come in different gauges, which refer to the thickness of the string, and the one you choose will be based on factors such as:

  • The level of your skill
  • Your playing style
  • The type of surface you prefer to play on

How We Can Help

For those who need a little advice on how to restring, our restringing guide contains information and handy tips to get you started. If you'd rather have us handle it, take a look at our restringing pricing page for a breakdown of the service we provide. At Tennis Gear, we know what strings the pro players use, so you can check out our Pro String Set-Ups blog to get the low-down.>

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