Vibrations Dampeners

Vibration Dampeners For Comfort & Performance

Avid tennis players experiencing discomfort in their arms may feel the benefits of a vibration dampener. A vibration dampener is a small tennis accessory placed between a racquet's strings to reduce the shock or vibration felt in the player’s wrist or arm. A vibration dampener can be a vital aid in reducing strain and can help lower the risk of tennis elbow, a common injury among tennis players. By increasing comfort and numbing the shock felt during impact with the ball, dampeners can also be helpful tools for beginner players when mishitting, as the softened effect generates a less irritating sensation.

Extensive Ranges and Selection

Some players prefer to use dampeners to improve the feel and reduce the amount of vibration transmitted through the racquet. Others may use them for purely cosmetic reasons. Whatever your preference, racquet dampeners come in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs and are developed with different levels of firmness and stiffness.  They’re also easy to attach and remove and can be swapped out depending on preference. 

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At Tennis Gear, our experts are on hand to assist you in finding the perfect shock absorber to suit your needs. We offer a variety of top brands, including Wilson, Head and Babolat, meaning you have access to the biggest labels on the market. Shop a unique range of shapes, colours and designs. At Tennis Gear, we understand that shopping for tennis accessories can be confusing. That’s why our experts are here to guide you in making the right choice.

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