Wristbands & Sweatbands

Tennis Headbands and Wristbands To Maximise Performance

Tennis headbands and wristbands are essential apparel for perfecting your tennis swing. While sweat is your natural defence against overheating, it can also be a nuisance to any avid tennis player. During an intense match, sweat can run down your forehead and into your eyes, clouding your vision and distracting you from making that winning shot. Tennis Gear provides you with headbands that immediately absorb sweat, allowing you to continue playing uninterrupted.

Advanced Function And Practically

For those with longer hair, headbands also ensure hair can be pushed back and kept out of the eyes while also protecting your forehead from the harsh Australian UV rays. Similarly, wristbands provide increased comfort and grip by preventing sweat from trickling down onto the palms, ensuring you don’t lose control of the racquet. If you choose not to use a headband, you can simply use your wristband to wipe the sweat off your forehead.

Personalise Your Style

Don’t forget that sweatbands aren’t just about practicality. They’re also about representing your unique style. Tennis gear offers an exceptional range of colours, designs and styles from many of your favourite brands, including Adidas, Babolat, Head and Asics.

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