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Tennis Stringing Options To Suit Your Needs

The number of times you restring your tennis racquet a year depends on how often you play, the types of string you use, and how tensely strung you like your racquet. At Tennis Gear, strings can be purchased in a variety of forms, such as in sets or on reels. 

Tennis string sets are convenient and cost-effective, providing a firm playing surface and ensuring you continue to play at a high-performing level. String sets are pre-cut lengths of string, ready to be strung into a single tennis racquet. The string’s tension affects the racquet’s performance and can be adjusted to suit your preferences. A good string set enforces your shot's trajectory, spin, and power.

For those who need to restring multiple racquets, a tennis string reel will be suited to your needs. Tennis string reels typically have several hundred feet of string, meaning you’ll have plenty to fulfil your requirements. The string has been wound onto a reel so you can cut it to your desired length and then string the racquet through the eyelets and grommets.

Tennis strings come in different thicknesses and materials, meaning you can choose a string that best suits your playing style and preferences. Ranging from synthetic gut, natural gut, polyester, and nylon, each material offers different durability, comfort and performance. 

Shop Your Favourite Brands

At Tennis Gear, you can be sure to find a tennis string to suit your requirements. Shop the best brand names, such as Tecnifibre, Babolat, Wilson, Yonex and more.


For those who need help with restringing, our restringing guide contains information and useful tips to get you started. For anyone who’d like a little assistance, take a look at our restringing pricing page for an explanation of the service we provide. At Tennis Gear, we know what strings the pros are using. Check out our Pro String Set-Ups blog to get all the latest information.

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