Claycourt Shoes

Clay Court Tennis Shoes: Elevate Your Game

Tennis is a fast-paced and vigorous sport that requires players to repeatedly start, stop and move in a lateral direction. A general pair of running shoes won’t deliver the performance you need for a game that moves quickly and requires sudden changes in direction. For evolved safety and advanced performance, Tennis Gear offers shoes with optimal lateral support, durability, and traction. Not only do Tennis shoes help you perfect your game. They deliver cushioning and essential lateral reinforcement, helping to protect you from injury. 

Outstanding Performance and Durability

At Tennis Gear, we offer shoes that are designed to be suitable on different courts and offer an appropriate level of grip. For those looking to turn things up a notch, we supply clay, grass, and hard court shoes. Clay court tennis shoes are designed for playing on clay surfaces, as they feature a unique rubber outsole that prevents the court from becoming scuffed. Outsoles on these shoes also feature a herringbone pattern that provides optimal traction on a clay court, helping you retain balance and stability during lateral movements. Clay court shoes are typically light with a low-to-the-ground design, helping you move naturally on the court. They also provide added cushioning to protect players from the impact of sudden movements and stops. 

Customise Your Style With Our Unique Range

Buy a pair of clay court tennis shoes which will boost your performance and look good. Tennis Gear’s extensive range means you can personalise your style while on the court. We offer a vast range of colours, designs and brands. At Tennis Gear, you’ll be ahead of the trend. Shop your favourite brands, including Adidas and Asics and more.

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