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At Tennis Gear, we know that being a tennis coach or trainer requires a lot of planning and organisation. This can be challenging when you have extensive equipment and kit to transport and store. Being a tennis trainer means having a busy schedule that’s easy to fall behind on, especially if you can’t keep track of your gear. That’s why Tennis Gear offers a range of coaching gear to ensure you have the best equipment to teach with.

Whether you need a bag, cart or basket, Tennis Gear caters directly to your tennis storage needs. Store up to 150 balls in a storage bag that can fit securely in a standard teaching cart, or be used as a standalone teaching bag for transportation to and from the tennis court. Easily store balls in a securely locked basket with rolling bars, designed to simplify dispensing and make storage and transportation effortless. 

How Can We Help You

Tennis Gear is one of Australia's largest providers of tennis coaching gear and accessories, including tennis balls, coaching baskets, tennis nets and much more from the biggest brands in the game. In addition to our huge range, Tennis Gear will provide any TA or ATPCA qualified tennis coach with a further discount on all items from our Brisbane tennis warehouse. Call 07 3353 2018 for more details.

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