Tennis Ball Cartons

For tennis clubs, schools or coaches who need to buy balls in bulk, TennisGear supplies a wide range of tennis ball cartons from the biggest tennis equipment manufacturers. Tennis balls come in varying designs and are made from materials engineered to suit specific playing levels and court surfaces. 

The type of tennis balls you choose will be the one appropriate for your skill level. These include: 

  • Beginner tennis balls - Designed for junior players and beginners who are just learning to understand the sport, beginner balls are constructed from soft foam or rubber and are larger and lighter than professional balls. This enables them to aid children in developing essential tennis skills, such as hand-eye coordination and ball control.
  • Professional balls - Mainly used by advanced tennis players, professional balls are made from superior, high-quality materials and deliver long-lasting durability, consistent bounce, and speed. Professional balls are designed to last the course.

How Can TennisGear Help You

At Tennis Gear, our experts can help you find the right tennis ball cartons to meet your requirements. We offer the best range of your favourite brands, such as Wilson, Babolat, Dunlop, Head and more. We also sell balls in cans for when you don’t need to buy in bulk. Confused about the type and number of cartons have to buy? Our experts are here to help you with your queries and make the right choice.

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