Padel Racquets

Discover The Thrill Of Padel

If you want to get passionate and take up a new dynamic hobby, why not consider padel? Padel is a fast-paced and exciting sport, played with two or four players using racquets and a ball. A cross between tennis and squash, but played on a smaller court, padel is becoming increasingly popular and is a fantastic sport for anyone looking to get their heart racing while having fun with friends. 

Padel racquets are similar in size and shape to tennis racquets but are typically lighter, with shorter handles and smaller head sizes. Padel racquets are also made of different materials, with a graphite or carbon fibre frame and a softer, more flexible bed. The size and weight of padel racquets vary depending on the player’s preference, but they are designed to deliver power and stability, especially when playing shots at close quarters. 


For Your Padel Racquet Needs

At Tennis Gear Australia, we offer a selection of Wilson padel racquets engineered to deliver optimal results in the Australian climate. High-end racquets are built for durability and enhance the player's connection with the ball. Shop our range of padel racquets now and find the right one for you.

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