Our Price Guarantee

We guarantee to give you the best prices on Tennis Gear in Australia

TennisGear has a policy of offering low prices every day. We mark them right down so you can be confident you are getting a great deal, making your shopping experience faster and easier.

Our Best Price Guarantee

Our products are constantly cheaper than our competitors but if by some chance you find a price better than ours, we will do our best to match any genuine offer wherever and whenever we can.

Product and price requirements for a price match:

  1. Price match sales are agreed on prior to purchase and will not be processed after sale (no refunds for price difference will be processed).
  2. Products must be identical - same brand/style/size/colour etc).
  3. Price match must be with an authorised Australian vendor (no auction or off shore websites).
  4. Price will include all costs including any shipping charges. If the advertised price is for pickup only we reserve the right to charge a delivery service fee.
  5. The price you want us to match must be currently advertised on the competing website at the same time you are placing your order.
  6. Advertised product must be freely available to purchase by any member of the public. We do not match the prices of membership, club or reward groups, stores or marketplaces.
  7. We look at the final price. That means all fees and shipping costs. If the price includes services we don't provide, we will still match the price, but may not match the service.


* While we are happy to offer a price matching service, TennisGear reserves the right to refuse a price match if items are below our cost price.

* No further discounts will apply to any price matched item.  This includes TennisGear Loyalty Program discounts and codes. 

* Price match sales will not accumulate TennisGear Rewards Program points.