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Shop the latest collection of tennis shoes at TennisGear. Featuring brands such as Adidas and ASICS, our collection of tennis shoes is here to help you up your game.  Whether you need hardcourt shoes that'll allow you to play quickly, or you're seeking something softer, we have a pair tennis shoes for you. 

Finding the best tennis shoes for you

The type of tennis shoes you choose will depend on a few factors. First, you need to consider the surface you're playing on. Most of the tennis shoes we sell fall into the "All Court" category, which means they should provide the right grip for any type of court.

If you want to find a more specific pair, we also offer shoes in the following formats: 

  • Grass court tennis shoes, which work on artificial and real grass.
  • Clay court shoes.
  • Hardcourt shoes.

You may also want to take inspiration from pro tennis players. When they're serious about their game, they'll only wear the types of shoes that complement it. From Nikes through to Wilson, there are lots of brands that prove popular amongst the pros.

Your go-to site for tennis shoes in Australia

When it comes to tennis shoes, we have one of the biggest collections in Australia. From generic pairs that you can play any match in through to court-specific, you can find what you need in our range of men's and women's tennis shoes.

At TennisGear, we pride ourselves in taking good care of our customers. Whether you're coming to us for new shoes or a racquet, we're happy to offer expert advice on our products. If you want to save money, check out our sales. Our extensive knowledge of the tennis game means we're well-positioned to help you choose something that accelerates your skills. If you want to discuss your requirements or if you have questions about our products, email or call 07 3185 9250.

Contact us for the best priced junior tennis shoes in Australia. Our tennis warehouse delivers the best range of shoes for tennis direct to your door.

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