Tennis Caps & Visors

Tennis Caps, Hats and Visors

The sun is the tennis player’s friend. Who doesn't love playing tennis on a perfect day? Not too hot, not too cold, and with a lovely bright blue sky.

The sun is also the tennis player’s enemy. When in the wrong position in the sky, it’s piercing bright rays cut through the field of vision, rendering the player unable to see well, or at all. 

Also, warm days can grow hot. Sweat pours off a player’s head, dripping into his or her eyes at just the wrong moment.

On sunny days, caps and visors are a player’s best defence against the sun. These pieces of clothing and accessories shield the eyes from sun and sweat alike.

TennisGear Has the Best in Caps and Visors

When looking for caps and visors to top off your tennis ensemble, remember that TennisGear features some of the world's best-known brands in terms of both style and performance.

We offer a broad range of products with proven durability, including from respected brands such as Asics, Babolat, and Adidas

If you have to lose, let it be to an opponent’s superior play, not to the fact that sun and sweat affected your vision. Buy a cap or visor today from TennisGear.

Australian Tennis Players Trust TennisGear

TennisGear offers the best selection in Australia of apparel, rackets, balls, grips, bags, and other equipment. All of our offerings come from brands trusted for reliability and tested against extreme playing conditions. 

Let TennisGear serve as your hub for all tennis needs, from clothing to vital accessories. We compete as hard for the business of tennis players everywhere as you compete to win.

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