Babolat Gold 4 Ball

Babolat Gold All Court 4 Ball

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Babolat Gold is our most popular tennis balls from Babolat, given their really good value. A very impressive Tennis Ball that will give a player a high performance and a very comfortable feeling while playing. It is remarkable due to its excellent bouncing qualities on all surfaces. This pressurized ball is easy to play with and versatile on any surface. It was designed for the most challenging Long life. This Tennis Ball has ITF approval of the perfect all-rounder. This Babolat 4 balls in a can, can set you up for the next match. This Tennis Ball features Milliken's extra-duty felt.

  • high-performance pressurized ball
  • ITF - approved
  • Suitable for all surfaces.
  • Liveliness, Pressure stability, and durability.
  • 4 Balls in a can

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