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Here are the strings the world's top tennis players are using in their racquets together with the rackets they're using and the tensions they most commonly strung at.

These tensions are knows as 'Reference Tensions', and are the tensions the pros will hit with when they arrive at a tournament. Having seen how the racket feels at the Reference Tension they'll then, if necessary, take the tension up or down a couple of pounds at a time until the get the feel they're looking for. Things such as court surface, temperature, altitude, as well as their net opponent, will all contribute to any change required, but everything will start from the Reference Tension.

Where two tensions are shown the first is the tension of the main strings, and the second is the tension of the cross strings.

Where hybrid stringing is shown, the first named string is used for the main strings, and the second named is used for the cross strings. For example, Roger Federer uses Wilson Natural Gut for his main strings, and Luxilon ALU Power Tough for his cross strings, whereas Andy Murray uses Luxilon ALU Power for his main strings, and Babolat VS Touch for his cross strings.

ATP Players

Novak Djokovic - ATP

  • Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro
  • Luxilon Alu Power Rough/Babolat Touch VS 130

Alex De Minaur - ATP

  • Wilson Blade 98
  • Luxilon 4G 125

Alexander Zverev - ATP

  • Head Graphene Gravity Pro
  • Head Hawk Touch/Babolat Touch VS 130

Daniil Medvedev - ATP

  • Technifibre TFight 305 RS
  • Technifibre Ice Code

Dominic Thiem - ATP

  • Babolat Pure Strike 18/20
  • Babolat RPM Power 125

John Millman - ATP

  • Technifibre TFight 315 RS
  • Technifibre Black Code 124/128

Nick Kygrios - ATP

  • Yonex EZone 98
  • Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125

Rafael Nadal - ATP

  • Babolat Pure Aero Rafa
  • Babolat RPM Blast 125

Roger Federer - ATP

  • Wilson Pro Staff RF97
  • Luxilon ALU Power Rough 125/Babolat Touch VS 130

Stefanos Tsitsipas - ATP

  • Wilson Blade 98 18x20
  • Luxilon 4G 125

WTA Players

Ash Barty - WTA

  • Head Graphene Gravity MP
  • Head Hawk Touch 125/Babolat TOuch VS 130

Aryna Sabalenka - WTA

  • Wilson Blade 98 18x20
  • Luxilon Alu Power 125

Emma Raducanu - WTA

  • Wilson Blade 98 16x19
  • Babolat RPM Power 125

Naomi Osaka - WTA

  • Yonex EZone 98
  • Yonex Poly Tour Strike 120/125

Serena Williams - WTA

  • Wilson Blade 104
  • Luxilon 4G 125

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