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These tensions are knows as 'Reference Tensions', and are the tensions the pros will hit with when they arrive at a tournament. Having seen how the racket feels at the Reference Tension they'll then, if necessary, take the tension up or down a couple of pounds at a time until the get the feel they're looking for. Things such as court surface, temperature, altitude, as well as their net opponent, will all contribute to any change required, but everything will start from the Reference Tension.

Where two tensions are shown the first is the tension of the main strings, and the second is the tension of the cross strings.

Where hybrid stringing is shown, the first named string is used for the main strings, and the second named is used for the cross strings. For example, Roger Federer uses Wilson Natural Gut for his main strings, and Luxilon ALU Power Tough for his cross strings, whereas Andy Murray uses Luxilon ALU Power for his main strings, and Babolat VS Touch for his cross strings.
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