TennisGear SuperLeague News, September 2016


TennisGear SuperLeague News

The month's competition in review 

September, 2016. Welcome to the first edition of our new SuperLeague newsletter! Each month we will be taking a look at the highs and lows of the past few weeks as well as upcoming news and events in the TennisGear SuperLeague world.

We would love to share your stories and pictures with the rest of our SuperLeague community. Please feel free to email any ideas or content through to us at Stay tuned for more SuperLeague news in next month's edition.

The New Points System

Tennis Brisbane's new points system has raised some questions marks this season. What does it mean? How is it calculated? Is it the reason I'm at the bottom of the ladder? We take a look at how surprisingly simple it is: The winning team on the day is awarded 2 full points plus 0.1 for each game won. In the 2 player format, this means the maximum amount of point is 5.0 per round (5.6 for 3 player format). The losing team is awarded just 0.1 for each game won. In the event of a draw, each team receives 1 point + 0.1 for each game won. 3 points are awarded for a bye or wet round. A match win is decided on SETS first. If sets are even, the win is given to the team with the most games.

The Perfect Pairing

A lot can go into finding the perfect SuperLeague team mate. Sometimes we have players nominate as a team, other times we have to get our tennis calculators out and do the math. For Trent and Jordan (pictured) it just added up. The pair were only recently partnered as the Shaw 'Juniors' this season. The two, who know each other from school, have been playing tennis for a while, but never received coaching on the same day. It came as a nice surprise for them both when they met their 'new partner'. Both are very keen sports players on and off the court and willing to help out with the scoring whenever needed. We are looking forward to great things to come from this duo.

Skies open up at the Morningside Tennis Centre

It was relief for some, anguish and heartache for others, as all matches at the centre were called off on a wet Wednesday night. Dubious weather has always been an adversary of our wonderful sport. When the clouds are threatening your next SuperLeague match, here are some tips to staying informed.

  1. The decision to cancel a match due to wet weather is made by the centre at which you are playing that round. Players are to contact the centre for updates.
  2. It is standard for centres to not make a decision regarding cancellation until at least one hour before the match is scheduled to start.
  3. Centre supervisors are to make every effort to get matches on.
  4. If you are struggling to contact us before your match, try checking our Facebook page for updates.

For more information about rained out matches and points allocation, check out the Tennis Brisbane website.

Oscar teams up with Nemesis

Emerson's Oscar Reed,11, has turned to his Nemesis for this season of Saturday SuperLeague. That is, his new Wilson Nemesis Pro 100 tennis racquet. The rising junior says his new racquet is lighter than his old one which makes him play better. He also loves the large sweet-spot, saying that when he hits it well, "it feels awesome". The youngster is looking to continue his winning singles record this season in Junior League 2 with his team mates Jack and Henry. Goodluck Emerson Eagles! Visit us in store or online for your next new racquet

Winning pretty in pink

Shaw Park 'Starters' Ruby Dryden and Adele Dunning notched their best victory for the season this past week. The two best friends have been playing at the Wooloowin Centre for over 4 years, working their way up right from Red Ball Hot Shots. They have now teamed up in the Green Ball division of SuperLeague on Saturday afternoons. Winning is great, but for these girls, it's all about the on-court fashion! The pair are known for their matching outfits each week.Well done girls, We'll have to bust out the lucky pink again soon!

Download new Tennis Brisbane App

Stay up to date with everything SuperLeague by downloading Tennis Brisbane's new app! Available for free on the app store, it is the easiest way to view your results and draws on the go. The app features:

  • Competition fixtures
  • Current and archived match results
  • Detailed scorecards for all matches
  • Summary & Detailed competition ladders
  • Sync matches with your device calendar
  • Venue locations
  • Push notifications
  • Social media share function