TennisGear SuperLeague News, November 2016

November, 2016. The competition has reached the pointy end with only one round left to go before semi finals. We are thrilled to have so many teams preparing for a top four berth in their respective division. Good luck to all our teams for the remainder of the season, we look forward to sharing all your victories in our next edition.

Playing with Fire
Mess with the feisty Shaw Fire team and you're bound to get burnt. These three boys are turning up the heat this season in Junior League 2 on Saturday afternoons. Pascal (centre) and Connor (right) have come from the former Everton Tennis Centre and join Josh (left) for the perfect mix of fun and firepower.

While the boys may like monkeying around before and after matches they are always respectful during them. Here are some tips from the Shaw Fire:
  • Before match - coin toss or racquet spin - who ever wins gets to decide whether they want to serve or receive
  • Connor always makes sure he has 2 balls before each serve. This makes the game flow faster and the players don't constantly have to run around after balls
  • Calling out the scores loud and clear when you are serving helps to reduce disagreements about score. 
  • Remember, once the match is done you must always shake your opponents hand, no matter the result! A firm handshake and 'good match' is always appreciated.

Proving they have the goods
It's been an energetic season for the Emerson Energy in division 1 on Wednesday nights. Victor Vicario (left) and Zoe Freke (right) have battled hard to earn their place amongst the top 4 teams in the grade. The pair, who only teamed up this year, have their sights set on moving up to Super Grade next season. It will be a monumental effort, especially for young Zoe who is just 16. She will be well supported by tennis-addict Victor who's a big part of our social tennis night and is always keen to help out our other teams when they need a fill in. Good Luck Emerson Energy!

Like father, like son
We see a few father-son teams popping up season to season, but none more passionate than the Shaw Storm. The Saturday division 1 duo of Andrew (left) and Aidan (right) have had a wildly successful season so far and currently sit atop the ladder. We're sure there will be plenty of team strategizing going on during the car ride for the final couple of rounds. It has been a fantastic display this season in what has been a tough division. The experience has been good for Aidan who is training hard to make the school team at BBC during the next GPS season. Congrats so far Storm.

Experience paying off for Emerson's Gabe
As much as tennis is one of the most physically demanding sports, the mental asking of the game is always an important facet. Match experience is crucial to help a player develop a strong mindset. Gabriel Hogarth-Howes 12, currently training in a performance package with Emerson Tennis, is one of the most promising talents in the Brisbane tennis circuit.

Gabe is coming off one of his best years in the circuit finishing inside the top 60 in his age category and also finishing top 4 in the Tennis Brisbane Junior Development Series. Gabe attributes his recent peak in form to hard work with his coach, Iden Jenner, and some much needed match experience he has gained while participating in Super league. He is currently plays for the Emerson Excellent who sit third on the ladder in Junior League 2. With one matche to go, the team is geared up to fight for their place in the finals. Watch out JL 2, the Excellent are coming for you!

Now, as we come close to the end of season, our registrations are open for Season 1, 2017. There is a world of match experience waiting for all junior league players. Limited places only – contact the centres for further information.

Injury cripples Winners
The Morningside Winners have suffered a critical blow coming into the final round of the Sunday afternoon Junior League season. Maddie Cray (right) will have to leave it up to her brother Ollie (left) to finish out the season as she rests an injury. It's a pity for the strong team who have been competing valiantly in the competition from day one. Can Ollie continue the streak with a fill-in or will this spell the end for the teams hopes?

Morningside toilet relief
There have been some questions raised over the toilets at the Morningside Tennis Centre during weeknight and Saturday SuperLeague matches. We understand that the pressure and excitement of a big match can take its toll on the body so would like to clarify that the bathrooms do remain unlocked for players even after the pro shop has closed.

Morningside goes to
Morningside Tennis Centre would like to say a big thank you to all their SuperLeague players and parents for their cooperation in the venue change in round 12. All Morningside matches on October 22 had to be moved to the David Turbayne Centre (Churchie courts) due to The Eastside Classic JT tournament. The round went ahead smoothly and we greatly appreciate all the help from our friends at Churchie.

Nominate for next season
It seems like a lifetime away, but all centres are already collecting individual and team nominations for next season. Grading for season one 2017 will take place during the holiday break. We would like to cross our T's and dot our I's early to ensure TennisGear teams have the best chance of being graded correctly. Be sure to start the conversation with your team and centre staff when you see them next.