Wilson Bowl O Fun Vibration Dampener 75 Pack

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Add a little personality to your racket with one of the fun vibration dampeners in the Wilson Bowl of Fun Vibration Dampeners 75 pack. This was built by people with a deep devotion to the game. It comes in various shapes and colors including yin and yang, cloverleaf, surprised face, clear and red glitter hearts, orange peace symbol, yellow and red flames. A very effective vibration dampener that is a bit of fun to display. With the use of this dampener, you can personalize your racket while getting the benefit of a vibration-free racket. 


  • Clear & red glitter hearts
  • Orange peace symbol
  • Cloverleaf
  • Yin & Yang
  • Surprised face
  • Yellow and red flames
  • Wilson Sporting Goods Bowl of Fun Tennis Vibration Dampeners (75-Piece)