Tourna Tac 3 Pack XL - Overgrips - White

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Enjoy this unique tacky feel of Tourna Tac while not sacrificing the sweat absorption of a high-performance tennis grip! Known for their tremendous absorbent grips Tourna Grip now offers Tourna Tac, a non-slip, tacky grip. TOURNA TAC has a soft tacky wet feel that many players prefer but it’s also made from the same base layers as the famous Tourna Grip so it provides superior sweat absorption. All other grips put moisture back into your hand and create slippage the moment you start to sweat. Offered in XL to cover extra long handles. 

  • Made to the standards of pro tennis players
  • 30 XL grips per pack (99cm x 29cm)
  • Ideal for cool, non-humid conditions
  • absorbs moisture
  • Packaged in a convenient zippered plastic container for easy to find efficiency