Signum Pro Tornado 129 (200m)

For players seeking the ultimate in spin and long lasting playability, Signum Pro Tornado 1.29 offers greater durability with slightly reduced spin compared to its thinner version. This string uses an updated molecular optimization on the popular Poly Plasma. The excellent spin generation of this string is aided by the heptagonal (7-sided) shape along with the axial twisting which increases the amount of ball bite that is possible. The new co-polyester formulation for Tornadoincreases its elasticity for greater comfort and power than typically polyester strings. Signum suggests stringing Tornado around 10% lower than your normal string due to the enhanced tension maintenance. The string is recommended for strong baseline players that want spin and power from a durable string.

Construction: Co-polyester monofilament
Color: Anthracite
Gauge: 1.29mm

Length: 200m

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