Shine Dry Court Squeegee
Shine Dry Court Squeegee

Shine Dry Court Squeegee

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This Shine Dry Court Squeegee is a lightweight removal device for dying tennis courts. It removes all standing water from a tennis court in five minutes with the dry court Squeegee. The Dry-court works faster than any roller due to it's unique winged designed which minimizes spillage, and it"s effective on virtually any hard, flat surface. It removes leaves and debris while simultaneously dying your court. Use the Shine Dry Court Squeegee and your court is playable in minutes, even after the heaviest rain.

  •  Replacement rubber squeegees also available
  • Adjustable  rubber squeegee
  • No scraping or damage to the tennis court, replaceable rubber squeegee 
  • Easy to assemble
  • One spare rubber squeegee included in each kit
  • Lightweight durable wheels
  • Water removal
  • Dries your court much faster than any other method.