Luxilon Smart 125 200m Reel
Luxilon Smart 125 200m Reel

Luxilon Smart 125 200m Reel

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This Luxilon Smart 125 200m Reel features fiber characteristics within the polymer material change based on the swing speed, flexing during slower swings for enhanced touch and stiffening up during fast swings for more control. Its string firms up on a high impact shots and softens when you need more feel on that touch shots. The LXN Smart delivers polyester-like performance with the soft feeling of a multifilament. Also built to give the players an edge in that pressure moment. Its string gives you the ability to vary your shot selection with incredible confidence. 

  • Luxilon Smart 125 200m Reel
  • Monofilament Tennis String
  • Color: Black/White Matt
  • High swing speeds - fibers stiffen for more control
  • Low swing speeds - fibers soften for more touch and feel
  • Gauge (String thickness) : 16 / 1,25 mm
  • Three fibers within polymer material adjust to force of the swing