Luxilon Alu Power 115 200m Reel

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ALU Power is the top string on tour for a reason - the aluminum present in the string enhances playability to go along with impressive power and control. Its unique poly-ether-ether composition exceeds all quality standards for near-zero string variance. Completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture, ALU Power delivers unrivaled consistent performance for championship-worthy results. Ultimately, this is a great option for intermediate and advanced players who want control, spin and durability. The fact that offers an above-average feel for a control string is a very nice bonus.

  • The top string on Pro Tour - used by roughly 60% of Top 100 Tour players
  •  Superior power, control, and spin potential
  •  Each set individually numbered for quality assurance
  •  Contains Luxilon's unique poly-ether-ether material
  • Set or Reel - 200m Reel
  • String Range - Big Banger
  • Gauge - 1.15mm
  • Colour - Silver