Babolat Pro Team SP Overgrip 3 Pack Blue

Babolat Pro Team SP Overgrip 3 Pack - Blue

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Babolat Pro Team SP Overgrip is made with silk powder integrated into the Babolat Pro Team SP Overgrips is great for enhanced sweat absorption for more comfort and grip. A soft, dry feel is provided by recycled material from the fabric industry. Used by professional tennis players. It offers an extra dry, comfortable feel with great sweat absorption thanks to the addition of milk powder. It contains a non-textile polyurethane material that provides dryness during long, hot, sweaty matches. Very smooth surface, soothing comfort, and maximum absorption used by pro players.

  • Package Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Dry and Highly Adsorbant 
  • Pack of 3 strips of overgrip with finishing tape
  • Color: Blue
  • Super Absorbant